Small Religion is Restrictive

Please join us as UUPF welcomes back John Pavlovitz this Sunday at 10:30a.

“Small religion is restrictive—and all religion is small religion. It’s not religion’s fault. It tries to force God into a space God was never meant to occupy. The moment we fashion a container for the Who, What, and Whys of our existence, we’ve already shrunken God down to something less than whatever God is. Maybe we need a better box—or ditch to it altogether.”

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War: What is it good for?

Join us this Sunday, January 12th, at 10:30a as we welcome back Rev. John Pavlovitz.

War is breaking out everywhere.
Wars of words and world wars and holy wars and civil wars.
The battle lines are being drawn, the shots fired, and the offenses mounted.
And here on the ground, we as people of faith, morality, and conscience stand: those called to fight for justice while making peace.
What do we fight for?
Who do we fight alongside?
What hills are worth dying on?

Where do peacemakers stand in times of war?

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The Gifts of Christmas

Join us this Sunday, Dec. 15th, at 10:30a as we hear Rev. Claudia Frost’s thoughts on “The Gifts of Christmas.” Each year the celebration of Christmas comes and goes so quickly we may miss some of the season’s true gifts. Let this be a time to continue our celebration and reflect on what gives meaning to this special time of year.

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John Pavlovitz – Thank Full

Join us at 10:30a this Sunday as we warmly welcome back author and pastor John Pavlovitz.

Fullness isn’t just the physical feeling we have when we leave the table. It’s the emotional realization that we have all we need, that we have enough—actually more than enough. We are full to overflowing.

Thanksgiving shouldn’t be an occasion. It shouldn’t be an event. It should be our default setting. Join us as pastor John Pavlovitz helps us find the full places.


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