Committees – Who does what

Unitarian Universalist congregations are self-governed. So, its members and friends keep this lay-lead Fellowship moving in its various directions by sharing their time and energy in one or more groups. Each committee meets as needed and then once a month come together as the Joint Council to share information, ideas and help identify happenings and activities to bring to the attention of all the members using e-mail, Sunday announcements and at Committee of the Whole meetings congregational meetings. Everyone is invited to attend these meetings and we encourage you to participate on any of the following committees:

News /  Library
e-media (list serves, FaceBook, Calendars)

Congregational Health Committee

Buildings & Grounds
Facility / Aesthetics / Landscaping

Rental /Facilities Inquiries

Finance Committee
Stewardship  /  Fundraising

Chalice Lighter Coordination

Music Planning

Program Committee
Forums, Affinity Groups, Learning Circles, Together Times events


Youth Religious Education Classrooms, Activities, Nursery

Social Action

Sunday Services
Service Planning, guest speakers

Council and Officers
Monthly Council Meetings
Committee of the Whole congregational meetings
Long range planning, governance
Send E-mail for General Inquiries

  • Leadership and Information Kit  –
    How things get done.  Our  one-stop resource that provides information for committees / team leaders and task forces; and for those considering volunteer options.

Officers and Council (Committee of Chairpersons)       Contact the Council of Committees

Council: All the Committe Chairpersons
Officers: Facilitator, Secretary, Treasurer 

Building& Grounds       Contact Building & Grounds Committee 

Facility Team
    • Manages any exterior and interior maintenance needs
    • Manages requests for  facilities rentals  (weddings, workshops, gatherings)
    • Insures adequate room-use instructions are created and posted
    • With Facilitator, determines any bad-weather event cancellations/notifications and insures that the information is posted on WRAL’s (Channel 5) website  and other announcement venues
    • Insures that the facility site is secure and that lockup instructions are posted and followed
    • Monitors physical-challenges/accessibility issues related to parking and facility rooms
    • Manages any technical issues related to equipment

Aesthetics / Visual Arts Team Contact the Aesthetic Team

    • First step for requests for changing room aesthetics (Wall hangings, photos, plaques, etc.) as well as changes or new uses  for outdoor structures or areas

Building Rentals E-mail Rental Inquiry

    • Evaluates rental requests and event options and dates, and manages rental contracts

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Hospitality and social activities Contact the Hospitality Team
      • Social activities are typically organized by teams who plan events for members and friends to provide time for all to enjoy and experience together our community of faith. Events are Intergenerational (child-friendly, teen-friendly, adult-friendly, new-comer-friendly, old-comer-friendly, bring-a-friend-friendly, everyone-friendly).

Activities include:

    • Sunday Coffee Service teams
    • Outings
    • Evening events such as Game nights, picnics and social gatherings. Teams are formed as needed and then disband after the event

Chalice Lighter Program       Contact the Chalice Lighter Coordinator

    • UU PEACE Fellowship strives for 100% member participation in this program in which “chalice lighters” provide financial assistance to other district congregations accepted as a grant recipients. Pledges agree to donating a recommended amount of $20 up to three times a year. UU PEACE Fellowship was a recipient of a 2010 Chalice Lighter grant that enabled it to complete.   Application forms are available in the literature racks.
    If you enroll in the program using  the District’s online registration, please alert UUPF’s CL Coordinator.

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Congregtional Health       Contact the Congregational Health Committee

This group provides support necessary for maintaining a healthy congregation and it provides resources and education leading to perpetuating healthy intra-congregational relationships.

Communications       Contact the Communications Committee

    • Web site, e-mail distribution lists, social networks such as Facebook, Google Groups and Calendar and e-mail accounts, etc.  It routes electronic notices of various member and UU events.
      • UUPF has four  e-distribution lists:  1) Member;  2) General announcements; 3) Friends of the Fellowship; and, 3) Council of Committees.  All but the Council lists are moderated and used to “push” information out the distribution. The Council list is a non-moderated private list  for current officers and committee chairpersons.
    • Newsletters and e-news: Creates, edits and distributes the Newsletter and Sunday News inserts Contact the Newsletter Team
    • Lending Library: Selects and manages book orders and restocking. Identifies books for the Lending Library. Contact the Bookstore Team
    • Outreach/Denominational connections: Keeps us up-to-date with regional and national Unitarian Universalist initiatives, events and news. Assists in coordinating shared activities and gatherings with  UU congregations and  other religious organizations. Insures that the Fellowship has a liaison to the regional UUA District; and who will report district-wide events and news from the District office. (Denominational Liaison, UUCCNC Liaison)
    • Bad-weather closing posting to website and news media sites. The decision involves coordination between the Facilitator, B&G Chairperson and Sunday Services or the event coordinator.
    • Editorial services as requested
    • Provides/create document templates and custom-made postcards, flyers, surveys, etc.
    • Maintains the Communication Guidelines (Privacy issues, wording, relevancy, etc.)

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Finance       Contact the Finance Committee

This group’s role is to  develope and foster fiscally responsible money management procedures and provide guidance for the short and long-tem financial health of UUPF. The Committee provides information to the Coordinating Council and at a congregational meeting to enable prudent decisions to be made regarding the budgeting of financial resources in support of UUPF program and facility needs.
    • This group provides support to committees who are organizing and doing fund raising events. and may initiate various activities.  It also develops opportunities and managed various fundraisers. It is a subcommittee of Finance.

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Membership       Contact the Membership Committee

This group provides information to those thinking of becoming a member, and it supports programs to enrich membership.  This committee also develops and recommends guidelines for becoming a member and provides various literature and information for those wanting more information about Unitarian Universalism..

Caring Committee Is here for members who need a helping hand, a listening ear, or just a friendly voice of encouragement while dealing with illness or personal crises.  If you need some “caring” or are interested in joining this group, please contact any member of the Membership Committee.

Music       Contact the Music Program Director

    • The Director collaborates with the Sunday Services Committee in selecting music for worship services; and with musicians, for other special events. We encourage Members and Friends of the Fellowship to explore opportunities of singing, playing instruments; and supporting the varied program activities as a member of the Music Committee. For more information about our thriving music program (including choir rehearsal schedules), contact the Music Program Director.

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Programs (Adult Forums, Learning Circles, Affinity Groups, Small Group Ministry)       Contact the Program Committee

The Program Committee supports congregation-wide programs and small group ministries that will enable Members and Friends to establish new and deeper connections with each other, to find a place for religious exploration and personal spiritual growth, to share concerns in a learning environment, and to expand the vision of the Fellowship into the community.
Ongoing goals  include:

  • Coordinate and facilitate Sunday Forums and other open-to-the-public discussion groups and events
  • Initiate and support congregation-wide programs based on UUA recommended Social Justice initiatives
  • Ensure an ongoing and active program calendar that includes a wide spectrum of small group opportunities
  • Engage and nurture Fellowship members to lead new groups
  • Develop a concept of service to the Fellowship and the community

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Religious Education       Contact the Youth RE Committee

    The Youth RE committee also initiates guidelines to ensure safe and adult-supervised learning opportunities for the kids.

Social Action activities and meetings       Contact the Social Action Committee

    Social Action Committee identifies and organizes events that UUPF members and friends lend  time and resources for the betterment of the local communities. For example, the Fellowship:

    • Works with the Raleigh Rescue Mission to prepare and serve meals at the downtown shelter
    • Collects non-perishable food for the Tri-Area Ministry Food Pantry, Wake Forest, NC
    • Partnering with local non-profits to support various initiatives

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Sunday Services       Contact the Sunday Services Committee

    This group, with input from members and other committees, plans and organizes Sunday services. They identify and coordinate programs with guest speakers. And for some services, select the meditations, topics, and readings. They work closely with the Music Committee in selecting hymns and music and with the Religious Education committee for special services and youth participation.

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