Please Become a UU@UN Member

Last year, our Fellowship was a Sixth Principal Congregation for the
second time. In order to our status, we need to hold a service about
the UN, which we will do on Sunday, donate a gift from PEACE
Fellowship, which we will, as the funds to pay for a speaker for the
service go to that, and have a percentage of our Congregation donate
$60 to be members of the UU@UN (or $30.00 if you are Retired), which we hope you will do.

You can make checks for that purpose out to UUPF and write in the subject Read more

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John Pavlovitz Electing Hope When It All Hits the Fan

We’re all worried about it. Tuesday, November 8th is the place our minds and hearts are fixed on, because it represents more than just politics. It is about our individual and collective values, convictions, and dreams. Right now our energies are understandably directed and our hopes pinned to this singular Tuesday. But what if things don’t go our way? What if the news is bad? Where will hope be on that Wednesday morning, if the worst- case scenario plays out? Let’s talk about it.

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PEACE at Vote for Climate Action October 3

On October 3, Andrea Correll, Nancy Locklin, Elizabeth Norval and Cindy Thomas held up the “We are all in the same boat” sign as part of the Vote for Climate Action, Amen prayer chain. From 5 pm until almost 6p.m., we were part of a line of more than 131 people who stood along Wade Avenue. We joined Interfaith Creation Care of the Triangle for the 2nd Annual Climate Prayer Chain for the Earth. We formed a human prayer chain on the sidewalks of Read more

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