Reverend Rebecca Jaine Suzik The Secret People Turning the World: Jewish Mysticism for Our Times

There are many concepts and teachings from the Judaic faith tradition offering wisdom and truth amidst the breaking and remaking world. Jewish mysticism is here to inspire us and contemplate our role in the healing and restoration of humanity and our hurting planet.

 Interfaith and Interspiritual Minister Reverend Becky will lead us to discover secrets and ideas that might just help us persevere and even thrive during these uncertain and ever-changing times.

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John Pavlovitz 8 Billion Funerals. Grief Trauma and the Collateral Damage of Being Human

To live here is to lose something.

Every single human being is moving through this life while mourning a letting go: of someone they loved, their old story about God, their former image of country, the earlier mythology of their family, their belief in the goodness of people, the disconnection of a treasured relationship, of their sense of optimism about the future.

The loss here is universal. If we lean hard into this truth, we can trace the source of our trauma, we can courageously face our own Read more

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John Pavlovitz Agnostics With Suspicions

What happens after we die?

We all live with this fundamental question hovering in the periphery of our minds.

A fortunate few of us find absolute answers in our theology, others in Science.
Most of us however, live somewhere in between, with far more mystery than certainty. What if there was something in between: a way of being rooted in the here and now, while still courting our better angels?
Whether we think we go to Heaven, Hell, or the dirt when we die, can we find holy common ground now?

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