Rev. DiAnne Ritola What are You Really Hungry For

Here we are at the end of January, and by now nearly 50% of people who made New Year’s resolutions to get fit/work out, save money, eat healthy, start a spiritual practice, lose weight, keep a journal, and many other “self-improvement” declarations, have gone back to the habits that led to the resolutions in the first place.

What if we didn’t start with the idea of I MUST…, but instead began with curiosity and gentleness? If we take the fundamental life-giving attitude Read more

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John Pavlovitz Good News, Bad News

I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first? We’ve likely all been faced with that question at one time or another. Our response usually has to do with our fatigue level, how strong we feel at the time, the recent events in our lives. Some days we want to get the bad out of the way quickly. Other days we need something good to sustain us first. Actually, given the choice, most of us would probably like to avoid the bad news altogether. I bet many of us feel that way right now. Read more

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